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Frosty has kept a cool head and sterling reputation since 1989 in quenching the thirst of the nation by providing crystal clear drinking water and tube ice through its state of the art production and purification plant in Sri Lanka.

The company is being managed and driven by a team of experience professionals who are qualified in the field and has maintained a steady growth year after year since its inception.  Currently Frosty has established its position as the pioneer and market leader in pure ice and is amongst the best pure drinking water manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

Our success is our innovative plans and effective implementation of such plans aiming at meeting and satisfying the challenges of an ever-changing consumer demand.

Frosty is a household name today, a reputation earned over the years with its excellent service and quality.

Our clients comprise of Presidents House, Parliament, Banks, Corporate Companies, Star Class Hotels, Business Establishments, Super Markets, Clubs, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Educational Institutions and Households

Frosty is proud to be the pioneer in introducing purified tube ice with a hole which facilitates slow melting and extra fast cooling, made from pure drinking water and presented in easy to carry packs. Today, Frosty tube ice has become a popular aid for a cool and clear satisfying drink


To become the most preferred brand and the market leader in the purified tube ice and bottled water in Sri Lanka and International Market.


To create and maintain the largest customer base by providing high quality products supplemented by efficient delivery that meet every customer satisfaction.