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The best part of our Frosty bottles is that it is ideal for every day consumption. Carrying all essential minerals for a healthy lifestyle. All of our bottles are produced using food grade materials.

Water Benefits & Tips!


70% of your body is water

Keeps your skin looking good and healthy

Helps with weight loss

Water helps your kidneys and bowels

Your brain and lungs function well and healthy

Energizes your muscles



Purification Process

Malwana Springs (Pvt) Ltd produces purified bottle drinking-water and Ice cubes using Deep Tube Well source and with highly modern purification technology which includes Reverse osmosis filtration.

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Frosty has kept a cool head and sterling reputation since 1989 in quenching the thirst of the nation by providing crystal clear drinking water and tube ice through its state of the art production and purification plant in Sri Lanka.


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Malwana Springs (Pvt) Ltd No. 222, Malwana Road, Yabaraluwa,
Malwana, Sri Lanka

+94 11 2 535 535 | +94 71 2 535 535
+94 11 2 535545 (FAX)

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